Connecting your dots

Delightful product experience and branding result in greater business performance

Why bother focusing on human-centered design?

The definition of design is like this: “the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing of something before it is made.”

Based on this definition, you may think, it isn’t something you couldn’t do on your own without involving professionals. You create plans every day, and you have to execute them interacting with other people, right? What’s the big fuss about this design thinking then?  


Seeing the patterns through the right lens

Although design is a discipline with many things that have to be studied, more importantly, it’s also a mindset that should drive all actions of the decision-maker. You need to build your business around the expected customer experience that generates profit for the company at the end of the day.


When it comes to this, the real challenge is time. Today’s window of opportunity closes tomorrow. The advantage you have today might disappear soon.

A lot of dots to connect, many ways to fail

The question is, do you have the luxury to learn everything on your own from your mistakes and risk letting the competitors pass you? Or would you take the chance to involve available resources to deliver an excellent experience to your customers prevent that?  


The how is just as important as the what

When I start a new project (whether it’s a new product or a revamp of an existing one), I use a flexible but well-tested process that involves the following main stages: 



  • Understanding your business, and its context
  • Discovering user needs 


  • Defining product scope and business goals


  • Tangible product concepts

Test and Delivery: 

  • Usability testing, validation


As it suggests, the approach requires close collaboration with you and the customers as well. This collaborative way of working keeps us in the loop, allows faster decision-making, and allows the participant to understand the design processes better. We need to involve everyone in this game to come up with successful outcomes. 


How can we collaborate? 

If you’re interested in working with me, please send me an email, and let’s start a conversation about the opportunity. As the next step after that, I suggest an introduction call to understand your project’s nature and scope to decide if I am a good fit for you.


I can’t wait to start working with you.