Reference Library

Expand your visual library by drawing based on reference photos

Starting point

Based on interviews with potential users, usually there are two main problems when it comes to drawing.
Sometimes people have artist’s block or just don’t know what to draw.
The other problem is that they don’t know how to draw the chosen subject and they look for photo references. This precious time could be spent on drawing instead of browsing what to draw.

By addressing these problems, The Reference Library solution aims to enable the flow experience during drawing practice.

Key research findings:

Interviews with drawing teachers revealed that an online photo reference tool could be a good combination with live drawing classes or even as a standalone solution for people who want to learn how to draw beside their full time job.

The most valuable benefit of the idea is that the user’s visual library can be built up from photos much faster than any other way.

The solution displays images in a sequencial way for the chosen time interval.

Product design

The color choices and the logo aspire to reflect the friendly and cheerful environment of drawing classes without pulling the attention away from the main goal of the user experience: focusing on the photos and the act of drawing itself.


Brand tone of voice: friendly, cheerful and cool


The user can choose the display mode, the length of the session and the subject as well.

“Same length” shows changes images in equal intervals, meanwhile “Class session” offers predefined sequences (Showing images for various time length in a session).


As part of the future roadmap, the solution could be integrated into a stock photo provider’s website as an additional feature to support art students during Covid-19.