Koffein Roasters

Branding and product design for a coffee business that helps you get to know the unique world of specialty coffees and its webshop offers the best products of small hungarian and italian roasteries.

The challenge

Koffein Service is a well-established service provider of the B2B coffee market in Hungary. They have offered coffee machine renting service with high-quality hungarian and italian coffees for years. Due to the rapidly changing business environment of this year, they decided to expand their operation to the B2C market as well. Since they have got a great number of satisfied business customers and coffee roastery partners, it was an easy choice to make.


The business idea is great, but how to establish a unique positioning in the B2C coffee market in Hungary? What would be the core concept of the service and the brand? How to create satisfying user journeys and implement the assets for these journeys? What should the product look like? Where to start a project like this?



These are only a fraction of the challenges the project team had to face and come up with solutions. Rajmund Doman and I were responsible for the branding and product design of the project to make sure the user experience is aligned with the business goals.

The foundations

Business concept

– Collaborating with small Hungarian roasteries and selling their coffees under an umbrella brand

– Introducing the specialty coffee realm to potential customers via infotainment

Brand concept

Koffein Roasters is an umbrella brand coexisting with the roastery brands. We wanted to create a strong entity that can be easily communicated to customers meanwhile the unique perspective of each roastery has the opportunity the bring an extra flavor to the base of the brand.

Customer segment

Young folks who:
– are eager to find new cool things
– haven’t got infinite amount of time to research every little detail about a product but want to be up-to-date

User journeys

Based on research, our potential customers want to discover new things, find already familiar products to buy and get to know more about speciality coffees.

Brand values and tone of voice

We ran a workshop on brand values and came up with the three pillars of the future brand:
– Premium
– Guide
– Spicy

Based on our personas and brand values, we started to build a friendly, helpful, and entertaining tone of voice meanwhile avoidingwithout being pushy or posh.

Branding and packaging
Logo, Typography and colors

The combination of the letters K and R with different coffee related motifs

Package design

We created a modular system that enables to extend the range with further roasteries and products in the future.
Each roastery has a unique color which helps identifying the products on all platforms.

Roastery card and shipping box

These additional branded items give an extra touch on the customer experience.
The card contains some interesting information about the product and a recipe on how to bring out all the intended flavors of the particular coffee.

Koffein Roasters webshop

Users don’t need any prior knowledge about coffees to find the best choice for them in the webshop. An easy-to-fill coffee quiz and a simple filter help them discover their preferences and the webshop’s full range. They can even filter the coffees by taste notes or machine types.

Shop and info hub as well

Koffein Roasters’ mission is more than just selling coffee. It aims to bring together small roasteries and coffee fans as well. Therefore we created a specific page to introduce all the roasteries and another section for the Roasters magazine. It is a blog-like platform with information about new products, partners, and practical knowledge on how to make, drink, and buy coffee.


I enjoyed working on this project because we had a great project team and the setup enabled me to show that design is not just creating pretty visuals but an overarching mindset as well that leads to a cohesive brand experience, hence a potential business advantage.


Check out Rajmund’s portfolio: behance.net/rajmund_doman

If you’d like to taste the Koffein Roasters coffees, visit the wbsite: koffeinroasters.hu
Would you like to have high-quality coffee in your office all year? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Koffein Service team: koffeinservice.hu

Thanks to Kata Balogh for the photos